Close up Magic
increase your guests experience by booking me for my award winning close-up magic!  this is a great way to entertain your guests while awaiting the evenings provisions to start. Close up magic is perfect for corporate events, family reunions & wedding receptions! Contact me to learn more!
Stand-Up/Parlour Magic
Gather around Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls!!! this is a classic vaudevillian  style of magic featuring close up, mentalism, comedy, and astonishing side show stunts!! THis program is designed for medium sized groups in intimate settings like birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, presentations, Even household functions!!
Stage Magic
THis High Energy, Fun Filled show is Full of amazing large illusions, mentalism, comedy, beautiful assistants, Modern Music and fire eating! as well as Amazing sideshow stunts.  Ideal for Corporate events, Large Banquets, School Assemblies.

Lessons, Lectures, and Motivational Speaking

I Love sharing my gifts with others any way I can. we have all lived life and dealt with the hills and valleys it can bring us through. I wish to share these experiences in my career as well as my life to give others hope and knowledge to pursue their passions. As a huge advocate of The Arts I plan to donate 50% of my earnings in these categories to keeping art programs funded. Whether you need Magic Club Lectures, High School Career Lectures, Job Interveiw Classes, or just a warm up for your seminar, I'm here for you, your dreams, and the dreams of your students and kids.